Can anyone learn about SEO and do these courses?

Yes of course, anyone can learn how to do SEO, we will provide you with all of the information required to do Search Engine Optimisation. We regularly have people of all ages wanting to learn more about SEO, people do it for a number of reasons such as pursuing a career in SEO, others do it to have a better understanding of SEO.

How long does the average SEO course take to complete?

The coursework at present will take around 50-60 hours to go through, but we are always adding to the course so it may take a bit longer, and we also have a forum and regular blog updates which are also worth reading as that will help you keep up to date.

Is the intermediate SEO course enough to become a professional SEO?

The intermediate course is an introduction to SEO, it is not designed to give you all of the information required to go on and do SEO for clients. Our advanced course is the best course if you are looking to pursue a career in SEO.

Who writes these SEO courses?

Our head of SEO writes the courses, alongside input from our Digital Marketing team, everyone who has an input into the course does currently do SEO, this ensures that the information in the coursework is up to date.

What’s the difference between the intermediate and advanced SEO courses?

The intermediate course is just an introduction into SEO it doesn’t go into strategies, tools used or as much detail as the advanced SEO course. The advanced SEO course will go into detail about every single aspect of SEO.

What type of help do I get with the course?

The courses provide all of the answers within the course, we do however offer email support within reason. At no point will we be able to offer telephone support. We do offer consultancy billed at an hourly rate if required. But all of the information and answers will be on the coursework.

How long do i have access to the coursework?

You get a login to the coursework for 12 months, so you will be able to login and go over anything you need to within the 12 month period.

What ways can I pay for the course?

Paypal or Bank Transfer are the best ways for you to pay for your course, payment in full is required before any login details to the coursework can be given. There aren’t any pay monthly options at present.

What certification do you get after completing the course?

We can provide you with a certificate to show you have completed the course, however, because SEO and Digital Marketing are always changing there is no real recognised certification that is available.