Google Panda 4.0 Update

benfitsbgMany of you will have noticed in April 2014 that there was a dip in some of your traffic and keywords, this would have been as a result of a Google update. Google normally does an update around April every year and anyone who is weak in any area of SEO will have problems if they are doing something they shouldn’t or if they don’t do SEO as much as they possibly should.

Matt Cutts confirmed that on the 21st of May a new Panda 4.0 update was rolled out. People have been wondering over the past month whether it was a Panda or Penguin update, it is now apparent that there has been both which means that the panda update will focus on websites that have good quality relevant unique content. It will also push down low quality websites, scraping websites and all of the other websites that do not focus properly on SEO.

Its unfortunate that Google have rolled out an update at the back of the other update in April which was targeting spammy websites and sites that use software for SEO. People will normally always complain when an update is rolled out but you will find that those complaining, somewhere along the line haven’t done everything they should have or have not put in enough effort to get the website ranking. Anyone who does SEO as they should do will most likely see an improvement on rankings which of course you won’t hear much about, these people just get on with their work and deal with the enquiries they get through their websites.

It’s always hard to pin down what an update is doing until someone releases more information so with the changes in April coming people have been confused. However, if you are following the steps you should be then you won’t face a major dip in rankings.

As always if/when more feedback comes out we will keep you updated !