Google Places Update

google placesAs many of you will know having a google places account is an ideal way to get your business on your local map. It can help you rank well in your area for the services you provide.

In recent weeks Google has changed how google places works. The purpose of google places being in place was to ensure that local businesses get exposure on the internet and having local verified businesses having a Google places account was the perfect way to do this.

Most things online are generally spammed and exploited which meant that it wasn’t long before loads of people were registering businesses at the same address as other businesses. This meant that the whole system was saturated with businesses who were not even in the area but had google places accounts which would lead google to believe that they were.

As a result business addresses can only have one business registered to it so that local businesses do get the exposure that they deserve rather than battling companies who have bought a mailing address. So we would encourage you to make sure that there isn’t multiple businesses registered at your business address otherwise your google places listing may not work for you.