Importance Of Unique Content For SEO

Search engines like to filter out duplicate content, this is because search engines don’t want to provide a list of results that have the exact information and photos embedded in them which is why unique content is important for SEO purposes. Duplicate content on your website can cause your website rankings to drop, which can therefore decrease the amount of traffic to your website (the visitors to your website).

When you are writing about a service/product that you offer it is important that the information you write refers to the information on the website but you must not copy the content word for word. As well as not being able to copy the content word for word on the pages of your website it is also important that you don’t copy the information word for word from someone else’s website. People often get confused when it comes to the term “duplicate content”, this term only means you can’t steal information word from word on a website, you are able to take information from a website but in order for your content to be unique you would need to have the written the information in your own words and by this we don’t mean just change one or two words.

These are only some tips that we are able to provide on the importance of unique content for SEO. Should you require any further information on the importance of unique content for SEO then you should get in touch with us, we would be more than happy to discuss this with you.