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Free online SEO courses compared to paid SEO courses

There are loads of free online SEO courses out there so why should you consider paying out for one?

Well generally free online SEO courses contain information that is out of date, untrue, not relevant to SEO or that’s put in a way that doesn’t make sense. There are loads of people out there who will think that they know about SEO and who will offer a free online SEO course about it however, if it was of the quality that they claim it was then they’d be charging for it.

Who we are

We are an SEO company ourselves who have over 10 years industry experience in SEO. We’ve got customers in Dumfries and from all over the UK ranking for both national and local search terms so you can trust us to deliver an excellent online SEO course.

The fact that we do SEO for companies on a day to day basis means that we are up to date with any changes that there are in our industry. This means that as soon as there are changes our courses are updated so that we’re constantly offering a course that’s up to date and of the highest possible quality.

Our courses

We have three online SEO courses available, beginner, intermediate and advanced. We offer these three because it allows us to offer a course that suits everyone’s current level and what they want to achieve at the end of the course.

Our online SEO courses give you training on what SEO is and the benefits that it can offer to businesses. It also covers content with the right use of keywords, the full optimising process, what should be done and what shouldn’t along with domain names, web hosting and website security. – You can find a full list of each of the modules covered on our SEO training packages page so see this for more information.

What you’ll achieve from doing one of our courses

With the knowledge of our online SEO courses, you will understand what’s required in order to rank a website. You can then apply this knowledge to your own SEO campaign or you can use it to make sure that your SEO company is doing it the proper way.

Our online SEO courses come in the form of PDF files and we have loads of video demonstrations included too, so you can see our main SEO carrying out the tasks that are mentioned throughout the course you are doing.

Apart from being able to see our main SEO carrying out the tasks you can further benefit from doing one of our courses in the following ways:

  • You can learn at whatever pace you want from the convenience of your home/workplace in Dumfries
  • Once you’ve purchased one of our courses the files are yours to keep
  • You’ll be able to receive email support from us
  • We’ll send out a monthly newsletter that contains all of the latest updates
  • You’ll be able to have access to our unique link swapping partners website


More information

If you are in Dumfries and you’re interested in our online SEO courses but you require more information about the courses then feel free to get in touch with us by sending us an email at: [email protected]