Online SEO Courses Sheffield

What our company can offer

Here at our company we specialise in SEO and have developed courses for individuals/business owners in Sheffield to use.

The courses cover a wide range of topics some of which include:

  • An introduction to SEO
  • The benefits of SEO
  • Onsite optimisation
  • Offsite optimisation
  • Web hosting
  • Choosing a domain name
  • WordPress, Joomla and other platforms
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Google places listings
  • Competitor analysis
  • A list of directory listings that are worth submitting to and why
  • Website security and how it can affect your rankings
  • What you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to SEO
  • Google analytics
  • Pay per click


We do SEO for clients in Sheffield and all over the UK on a day to day basis which means that we are up to date with any changes there are in the SEO world.This means that the information that is in our course is up to date, correct, relevant and written in a way that is easy to understand.

We offer email support to people who are on one of our online SEO courses as well as access to our unique link swapping partners website and access to our secure blog. By having email support available and access to our secure blog you will be able to ask our SEO consultants any questions that you may have when you are doing the course.

We send out a monthly newsletter to people on one of our courses that contains all of the latest updates, so you will be up to date if there are any changes that you should know about.

The prices for our online SEO courses are reasonable too so you don’t have to worry about paying out large sums of money to learn. Our prices can be found on our SEO training packages page.

For more information on what we can do for you and other individuals/business owners in Sheffield just email us at: [email protected]