SEO Marketing Courses

macbookSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) has became increasingly more difficult due to the continuous innovations between the rival search engines coupled with the increased activity from your competitors, as a result of this it is important that you identify the right strategy for your business to rank well.

We have a wide variety of SEO marketing courses that you are able to choose from at our company, these include:

  • The Beginner course
  • The Intermediate course
  • The Advanced course


By having these three courses in place we are able to accommodate for everyone’s ability and knowledge requirements. Our SEO marketing courses will enable you to gain more knowledge on how you are able to build an organic search marketing strategy that will drive more visitors to your website, boost online conversions and stand out in the online marketplace, by having the knowledge on how to build and implement an organic search marketing strategy you will be able to ensure the best possible return on investment.

Each of our SEO marketing courses will be able to include:

  • The basics of SEO
  • Website Structure
  • Search Term Research
  • Content Creation
  • Link Equity
  • The best practice methodologies and strategic skills that will equip you with the necessary knowledge to plan and implement a successful SEO campaign
  • How to manage your online brand to increase it’s market share in the natural listings
  • How you can devise a strategy that measures and analyses search term performance, keyword conversion and visitor traffic from Google


Upon completion of our SEO marketing courses you will be able to:

  • Understand the key components of a successful natural search strategy, new SEO innovations and quick-win opportunities
  • Refine your approach to key phrase analysis and content to increase the performance of your website on search engines
  • Understand the importance of usability and design to maximise your website performance
  • Improve on your reporting and strategies for harnessing new innovations to boost SEO


We provide highly competitive prices for our SEO marketing courses, the price of each of our courses varies. This is because one course may have more in-depth knowledge than another, with our advanced course being the most detailed course that we can offer.

Our courses can be provided online, at your workplace or at our office, by having these options we are able to accommodate for all of our customers requirements.

Our SEO staff are always more than happy to discuss our courses to anyone who is interested in taking one of our courses, just get in touch with us and we will be able to talk to you about our courses and answer any questions that you may have.