Online SEO Courses have been providing SEO & other Digital Marketing courses for years and over that time we have had lots of feedback on how we could refine and better our courses as people learn in different ways at different speeds. In that time we have refined our online courses so that they cater for everyone’s needs. The courses are a mixture of videos, screencasts, infographics and text to ensure that we get our points across so that you can understand exactly what we are trying to show you.

Our Digital team have years of experience in the industry and still do SEO for clients to this day, the aim is to keep our courses up to date so that anyone doing our courses are learning the most relevant and up to date techniques when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. With SEO changing all the time, we need to be on top of our game and keep adding new content to the courses which why our courses will be the most up to date online.

With Penguin 4.0 and the Google Possum updates rolled out in September and October 2016 we have these included in our coursework alongside any other changes that are being rolled out.

We have provided training for many Digital Marketing Agencies and individuals who want to go on and pursue SEO as a career opportunity. The courses we provide show you the tools, the strategies and how to implement all of that to ensure that you can get decent rankings. We have a whole section about Link Building and the different techniques that are out there to help you build good quality relevant links.

We go through every last detail in all of the modules to ensure that even minor SEO details are covered, with do’s and dont’s also included. As there is so much misinformation or dated SEO tactics being talked about on forums and blogs that you are unsure of whats right and whats wrong. Our course will help you steer clear of the things you shouldn’t be doing too.

We have tried and tested most SEO tools on the market too, spending tens of thousands of pounds in doing so, again this is is covered in the course and will help you from trying and testing tools and point you in the direction of the tools that work. We aim to show you how to spend your time, effort and money properly.

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