WordPress Website Security

Hacker attack in word tag cloudMany of you will have possibly seen in the news that there has been a few issues with the security on wordpress and other similar opensource platforms. These platforms are easy to use, we use them ourselves as they look good and do everything we need them to do. However, if these websites are not managed properly then they will simply become a target for malware and hackers. Over recent months Russian hackers have targeted many websites all over the world, one of the most vulnerable platforms out there is wordpress. This is down to people not updating to the latest version of wordpress or keeping their plugins up to date.

WordPress is always bringing out new updates to make sure their platform is stable and less vulnerable to hackers, but some people don’t bother doing those updates and eventually see that their website is no longer online. You may have seen on the news or papers that there is Russian hackers out there stealing data http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-28654613.

It is really important that you keep your website up to date and remove any malware should you find any on your website. There are security plugins available and there is companies who can do this for you and keep your website up to date for a small monthly fee.

If you don’t keep the website up to date then it is possible that your rankings will dip as your hosting company is likely to remove your website from the server while there is malware on the website. This of course can’t be good for your business.

There are plugins in recent weeks such as ” limit login attempts ” that we have found malware in. So if any of you use this then we would advise that this is removed as soon as possible. We do have our own in-house IT specialist who can remove malware for you or who can offer a monthly wordpress maintenance package should you want someone to watch your website for you. Just get in touch with us and one of our team will be happy to get the ball rolling.